Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Information equilibrium in neuroscience

Todd Zorick and I wrote a neuroscience paper on using information equilibrium to tell the difference between different sleep states with EEG data. The title is "Generalized Information Equilibrium Approaches to EEG Sleep Stage Discrimination" and it was (finally) published today.

This adds to the series of information equilibrium framework applications for complex systems like traffic or simple systems like transistors.

One can think of these distributions as ensembles of "information transfer states" analogous to productivity states, profit states (below), or growth states.


  1. Interesting analogy! Funny I had been imagining some periodicity in the largest of the growth states depicted in the bottom figures- maybe some discrete scale invariance in the distribution at the highest scales?

    1. Probably sampling error from a limited number of observations of high profit states (not many 100% profit companies) ...

  2. Congratulations on the paper guys!


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