Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A great review!

A great review from economist Dr. Cameron Murray (co-author of Game of Mates) — the intro:
Jason Smith, a random physicist, has a new book out where he takes aim at some of the core foundations of microeconomics. I encourage every economist out there to open their mind, read it, and genuinely consider the implications of this new approach.
Also via tweet:
Extremely provocative and insightful new take on economics
This is probably the best review I could have ever hoped for!

And now Amazon seems to recognize the paperback and Kindle e-book are the same book, so they appear together on the same page (click the image):

Update: Sorry, this post was intended to go on the book site and not clutter up ITE with book-related material. I'll leave it as it's the first review (and a really good one!), but follow me on Twitter @infotranecon or at 

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