Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Ok, this is entirely self-indulgent. I mentioned in a sentence at the bottom of the previous post where I got the favicon for the blog, but the ultimate source is my old TI-99 4A computer and the CALL CHAR instruction in TI BASIC. When I was a kid (about 8 or 9), this was the first time I connected data, numbers, and distributions of objects (e.g. black squares) (from here):

This entered into one of my early drawings (using penultimate) when I was thinking about information transfer (in this case, aggregate demand for money) to convey information flowing; the favicon is inside that red dashed box:

which I later used here. This was then used in a description of supply and demand as an allocation problem here and put into this figure of supply and demand "events" meeting as transaction "events":

Anyway, this gives a sense of the process I described in the previous post about one's vague intuitions and mental visualizations becoming more concrete for other people by using mathematics.

PS The people in the drawing above are a combination of XKCD and the people shaking hands on the cover of Radiohead's Meeting People is Easy:

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