Saturday, October 22, 2016

One year ago ...

I put up my preprint. No journal has accepted it yet ...


  1. If I missed mention of it previously, I apologize, but have you been in communication with people like Simms on this paper?

    1. Cold calling Nobel laureates probably won't get very far very fast. I have talked to some economists ... and I am planning a pitch to the Econ department at the local university.

      I'm also writing a book for a general audience, which may help gain some attention.

      I need to get passed the dismissed outright/desk rejection phase ...

      However I knew it would be a long slog. It can take over a year for economists to get papers published.

    2. I've found Nobel Laureates to be surprisingly generous with their time and this would seem to be up Simms' alley. I don't see the harm in dropping an email.

      Einstein's 1905 work didn't get noticed until Planck took up the cause, if I recall correctly.


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