Sunday, August 10, 2014

Testing an animation

I never quite got around to putting up my youtube video about information transfer economics, but I'm going to test the gif capability of blogger with a piece of it. Here is a animation of how the "unit of account (information)" and "medium of (information) exchange" relate:

One thing that is not quite correct: at constant N, increasing M should keep the height of the the stack the same by adding more units to it (making them shrink). Otherwise, this is a pretty good picture to have in your head.


  1. Jason, great... I was just commenting on your static picture of this in a recent post (my jello comment).

    I've done a similar thing:

    I've also added an interactive post, but it was a big pain the way I did it (with free MicroSoft online Excel... not that it was so bad, but I attempted to do Newton iterations in it):

    I think I'll do more blog readings rather than postings from now on. :D

    I know this is an experiment that you've done here, but I'd slow it down a bit... it's a little hard to absorb as it flies by.

    1. Yes, it is a bit fast -- in the video it is a bit slower, but hasn't had the narration put on it yet.

      I would love to do something interactive like that. Mathematica has some ability to make "demonstrations":

      I do think that many economics discussions would benefit from dynamic/interactive pictures like the ones you made there.


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