Friday, August 1, 2014

When will information theory influence economics?

Easy. By the end of 2015.

That's a joke; I'm celebrating the highest monthly pageview total I've gotten so far (still pretty small -- big blogs get as many per day), so I decided to project when my pageviews would reach the level of Scott Sumner's blog Since Sumner managed to influence the the post-financial crisis debate and even got Ben Bernanke talking about NGDP targeting, I thought that would be a good guide to the required number of pageviews per month**. I wasn't able to get a firm number, but on a log scale it doesn't matter so much. Luckily, my pageviews are pretty log-linear, so the extrapolation is easy:

Special thanks to Tom Brown for his advocacy and linking back to me here. Thanks also to the Feedly readers, Twitter followers and Google+ followers for your regular check-ins. (Sorry to the Feedly readers for the math being messed up and the pictures always coming out huge, messing up the flow of the text.)

** It doesn't really matter the quality of the arguments, just the number of people who see them, right? (Again, joking.)

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