Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy birthday to this blog

This blog is now 2 years old and is heading towards 500 posts. I thought I'd celebrate with a countdown listicle of some of the least viewed posts here.

At 28 pageviews we have ...
What does E_t π_t+1 mean?
This post was actually pretty weird (with a weird graphic) -- mostly me thinking out loud about the possible meaning and consequences of expectations terms in DSGE-type models as they essentially couple the future to the past.
At 25 pageviews we have ...
Do the different market models work simultaneously?
This was a response to LAL who has become a frequent commenter since that time about whether the models of the labor market, interest rates, capital, etc worked simultaneously. It has a cool diagram.
At 17 pageviews we have ...
Powerful evidence for the information transfer model
The data appear to rather unambiguously support the model log N ~ k log M with k falling.
And finally in last place with 10 pageviews we have ...
Below target inflation
This is a paper that can be interpreted as confirming the slowing of inflation over time.

The key takeaway seems to be that Monday evening is a bad time for posting ... so happy Friday morning everyone.


  1. Oh no! I'm killing your readership! I'll be nicer I swear!

    1. Ha!

      I think it's just that evenings on the West coast of the U.S. are the black hole of blogging. The east coast is at dinner and Europe is asleep :)

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