Thursday, October 8, 2015

Draft paper now a preprint on the arXiv

The latest version of draft paper is now available as a preprint on the arXiv in the section q-fin.EC (Quantitative Finance, category Economics):

The category is described as
Economics, including micro and macro economics, international economics, theory of the firm, labor economics, and other economic topics outside of finance


  1. Jason, nice. Having never had a paper there myself, does this signify anything in particular? Who decides to put it there (other than you of course)? What's the next step? Will there be a review by economics academics at some point?

    1. It's not terribly significant in itself. But it does become a bit more discoverable. And you can use the arXiv preprint to submit to journals.

      For example, that was where I found Fielitz and Borchardt's paper.


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