Saturday, February 27, 2016

Break on through to the other side

Noah Smith:
If you really think you've got something new and better, you publicize the hell out of it. You make slides explaining the basics. You write working papers - free and ungated -- showing how the new thing works, and why it works. You give examples. You draw pictures. You teach. You educate. The burden of publicization and education is on you.
I'm trying!

Upcoming conference (June 2016):

(I'm working on the slides and the paper, but that's the draft)

Update 3 Nov 2016: Here are those slides, but I had to miss the conference due to work obligations.

Lecture notes/short course:

Information theory 101
Information equilibrium 101
Information equilibrium as a framework
Economics as information theory
How money transfers information
General information transfer model for physical systems (Fielitz and Borchardt) [paper]

There is also this blog. All of it is free and ungated. And it doesn't even throw out a lot of mainstream economics (update 3 Nov 2016: a link to a list of examples).



I'm also trying to keep to Sean Carroll's alternative science respectability checklist ...


  1. When I read Noah's post, I immediately thought of you, Jason. Kudos for rising above the rest of the heterodox 'economists' out there.

  2. Go for the gold! Err, I mean, fiat! ;)

  3. Thanks for the link to Carroll's list. I hadn't seen that one.


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