Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Physicists, by XKCD

I keep a print out of this by my desk.


Update 15 March 2017

I also keep a picture of Fourier's grave I took at Père Lachaise:


  1. I forget who it was that said something to the effect that the only real science is physics and everything else is just stamp collecting. I am a proud stamp collector btw.

    1. It's attributed to Rutherford, but I don't think it was ever written down by him.

      A more modern version is that the only real science is physics, all others are effective theories. However even physicists are generally of the opinion that physics is an effective theory as well ...

  2. Wonder if anyone's modeled some economic activity as an aggregation of simple harmonic oscillators...

    1. I did a whole bunch where I aggregated free particles ...


      Probably the most "physicist" thing I've done on this blog. Although there's also this.


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