Monday, September 28, 2015

In case of deletion ...

"Of course, at some point your ability to build ever bigger particle colliders will fail, so you can never verify that you have The Final Theory of Everything." 
While true of purpose-built accelerators, there are other ways to access higher energies -- the universe itself is a low luminosity 10^10 GeV accelerator accessible by data-mining cosmic ray events. That gets us most of the way (logarithmically) to the Planck scale. We'd just have to change our idea of experiments from contemporaneous groups to a "generation ship" model. 
And that could be a good way to think about empirical economics -- we've only had a few decades of decent macro data. Maybe we need to wait it out a few more decades before we can draw any macro conclusions ...

[And now it's gone ... and I have no idea why ...]


  1. Gone. Maybe if you didn't include the link back to this blog he'd let it stay.

    1. The entire purpose of the Internet is links. That's what that HT stands for in HTTP.

    2. I agree, but you noticed yourself (I think) that it seems to be "self promotion" which gets your posts deleted. Maybe you posting links to your own posts counts as "self promotion" to Noah. I don't know... I've posted links to your blog there that he didn't erase. But then they weren't to my own blog.

  2. Beyond the event horizon.

  3. It's just part of trying to keep the centrally planned economics job market going for well-connected insiders:


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