Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DSGE form of the IT model (interactive)

Testing some Wolfram cdf. This is an interactive implementation of this post that only works if you have wolfram CDF player installed and use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Testing cloud. IT index k = 2 (QTM) and k = 1 (zero inflation) are interesting cases. (removed)


  1. Let me know if this is working for you ... it's not working for me at the moment.

    1. Never quite got the cloud deployment to work. Dunno.

      But I did get the CDF player to work (unfortunately, you need to download the plugin). But Google Chrome disabled NPAPI support completely as of September 1st, 2015 ... so you have to use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

      Have fun, if you can!

    2. In an update, I did get the cloud version to work, but it is kinda slow ...

    3. I think you have to sign up for a (free) wolfram cloud account to use the cloud version ...

      I was kinda hoping for something like mathjax where you just put a script up and people can use it ... maybe I'll just make a video.

    4. I think the cloud version may still be private ... I think I'll just disable it for now.


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