Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scottish enlightenment photoblogging

During my trip to Scotland, I took a couple of economically-relevant pictures in Edinburgh. I did manage to find a good place in the archives for my picture of David Hume's grave

I haven't found a good place to use it yet, but I also got one of this memorial to Adam Smith (I walked by it, but did not realize at the time that his grave was in Canongate Kirkyard a few blocks down the Royal Mile):

Not so much for economics, but as part of the greater Scottish Enlightenment, here's mathematician Colin Maclaurin's memorial (at the upper right on the wall):

Not in Scotland, but while I'm at it, I got this one of Joseph Fourier's grave in Paris a couple years back:


  1. Nice... is that where you were? A bit cold no? Were you in Paris in the winter too? I was there once for Christmas and New Years.

    1. It was -- all over the UK, actually. And the weather wasn't that different from where I live in Seattle ... it even seemed like a bit less rain. We were actually there for Christmas and New Years (Hogmanay in Scotland).

      The Paris trip was January almost exactly two years ago.


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